Can I color my extensions?

Absolutely! However, it is definitely best practice to order extensions in the color that are part of your desired look. During the consultation we will definitely discuss your color as well as what kind of extensions are best for your hair type and length goals.

How long do they last?

A long time, or a little. The answer to this can depend on installation type (taped vs. microlink) and quality, but the truth is the life of your extensions depends mostly on at-home care. The better you become at taking care of your extensions, including proper product and styling, the longer they will last. We have had clients who’s extensions have lasted as long as six months!

I’m getting married, is it true that extensions are necessary for my look?

Nope. You do not HAVE to have extensions for your big day. But, truth is, if you are really wanting to achieve that Pinterest look, chances are extensions can help you. Clip-in extensions or halo-style extensions are a great alternative for achieving the look you desire.